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Friend to Friend is an effective multi-service providing company with a vision to give customers a personalized approach to living a stress-free life. An offer to provide an array of services under one banner is not an easy model that search engines recognize. This challenge is what made Friend to Friend a very intriguing partner to the Ozlon team.

The core values that makeup Friend to Friend, is to provide people with solutions based on the real-life experiences that Dr Lisa David-Watson has encountered. As the founder of Friend of Friend, she comes with qualifications and power-packed experiences in every area of business that is targeted by the company—a truly inspiring person with a mission to help people manage stressful times of their life.

However, the truth about running a successful business lies in the hands, or in our case, the crawlers of the world wide web. Getting to the top of search engines or even getting noticed by internet users requires a lot of work. This work becomes even more challenging when there are several areas that the business targets. In the case of Friend to Friend, their business verticals include Real Estate, Travel, Health, Wellness, Weddings, and so much more.

Getting Ready to Get Noticed

Bringing in leads to Friend to Friend has not been as easy as driving advertisement leads to the website. A vast majority of the groundwork had to be covered by the Ozlon team to make Friend to Friend "visible" to the search engines. At first, during our initial consultation we were intrigued by the unique service offering that Friend to Friend proposed. In order to ensure every future marketing initiative is a success, here is what we did:


Textual Information

SEO Integration

Review System

Information Capture Hotspots

CRM Integration


Mario’s Italian Restaurant has been masters in bringing culinary experiences from Italy’s heart to the palates of waiting customers. However, the quality and service rendering to customers did not justify the cost of keeping their business running.

Before teaming up with Ozlon, they were spending 1000s of dollars on SEO campaigns that did not help their overall sales. The number of bookings via their website did not justify their monthly cost of $2500 spent on advertising on Google.

When Mario’s Italian Restaurant signed up with Ozlon, a complete analysis of the existing Adwords campaign and marketing was executed. A 30-day analysis shows that, with the same budget, Ozlon could generate over 90% in traffic and 110% in bookings from the website.

What We Did

  1. Created a Brand New Website
  2. Included a web chat feature
  3. Increased website traffic by over 500%
  4. Increased Organic Traffic by 600% in 30 days
  5. Brought Mario’s Italian Restaurant to the Front Page on Google
  6. Set up a CRM for all marketing activities in the future

Our Approach

Built an SEO Powered Website

The first and most crucial step to getting noticed by potential customers is through a well-working website. Not any website can bring in views. From our experience, with careful consideration of the business model and the type of information available, websites need to be optimized to show up on search engines.

This approach is what we offered Friend to Friend and was our first step to building the cornerstone of a successful online presence.

  1. Optimized all tags, meta information, page names, etc. to index on search engines
  2. Complete internal linking structure to make the site user friendly
  3. Established website's effective display across all devices

“Yes, there is more to just a fancy looking website”

"Typography, information, design and SEO principles are the keys to website design." – The Ozlon Team

Crafted Text to Favor Search Engines and Customers

The information provided on the website plays a crucial role in the SEO and the appeal to customers. Customers want information that they can understand in a particular way. The way customers like information served to them keeps changing with the trends they are exposed to almost every day.

As the Ozlon team are in tune with the trends that capture viewers' attention, we know what information should be presented and how the same information needs to double up to please the search engine robots as well.

  1. Optimized all tags, meta information, page names, etc. to index on search engines
  2. Complete internal linking structure to make the site user friendly
  3. Established website's effective display across all devices

Using The Modern Review Style Approach

These days everyone wants to read reviews on everything before they choose to buy. The expectations that customers have on reviews is also constantly evolving.

For Friend to Friend, the Ozlon team created a review system that keeps modern-day trends to attract leads.

  1. Giving customers several opportunities to leave reviews
  2. Displaying reviews in an engaging and easily understood format
  3. Formatting reviews to display across different search engines

"According to statistics, over 90% of users read google reviews before purchasing a product or service."- Ozlon Team

"Statistics show that 88% of potential leads will take no more than 60 seconds to provide information."

Multiple Lead Capture Hotspots

Only the best marketing companies know and understand the latest and greatest in the online world. Thousands of people will visit a website, but not one of the thousands can turn into a lead without the proper channels.

For Friend to Friend, we developed a chatbot, contact forms and other small hotspots throughout the website to capture the information from leads.

  1. Training on the importance and methods to manage captured leads
  2. Messaging tools
  3. Venue for customer support extension created

Integrated The Lead Capturing Hotspots to The CRM

Customers want what they want at once. Therefore, the best time to approach a customer with marketing and engaging material is as soon as they have shown interest in your services. The Ozlon team helped Friend to Friend convert their leads to customers by plugging the lead capture hotspots into the CRM so that customer engagement can begin right away.

  1. Marketing Automation guidance
  2. Created opportunities for A/B testing
  3. Created venue for an in-house marketing team to handle analytics
  4. Email marketing channel set-up

"Statistics show that 88% of potential leads will take no more than 60 seconds to provide information."

Challenges We Conquered

Paying over $2500 on Adwords clicks without increasing sales was not what Mario’s Italian Restaurant signed up for when they decided to use Google advertising. Not every SEO marketing and advertising company have what it takes to drive organic traffic to a website. Ozlon discovered that Mario’s Italian Restaurant was not targeting their audience correctly, and their keywords were research-based, leading to dead-ends.

When Ozlon got to work, we pulled Mario’s Italian Restaurant from the 3rd page on Google and brought them to the 1st – where they deserve to be.

  1. From Page 3 to Page 1 on Google
  2. From 10% to 95% Top Ranked Keywords
  3. A steady Return-on-Investment (ROI)

“The Ozlon team came in and revolutionized our marketing efforts. With Covid going around, we needed someone who was going to help us adapt.”

How We Did It

When something isn’t right and costing you money, it needs to go – The Ozlon team analyzed the ads that were not performing and turned them off as a first step. Brand new targeted adverts were identified after intense AB testing before being deployed.

  1. Removed existing non-performing ads
  2. Created new targeted ads
  3. AB testing for potential money-making adverts
  4. A reboot of Google My Business local listing
  5. Steady work on Search Engine Optimization and placement
  6. Converting foot-falls to quality leads

“The Ozlon team came in and revolutionized our marketing efforts. With Covid going around, we needed someone who was going to help us adapt.”

The Resulting Pow-Wow

It is now only a matter of time before Friend to Friend is bound to see a spike in sales. With all the foundation stones laid to perfection, other online and offline marketing areas can now work in tandem to push the business forward. Any social media efforts and all money spent on professing the business model is now geared for success. Our team is equipped to build your online presence from scratch, so you don't waste time and money on any effort.

We ensure all our clients establish their unique branding and keep the attention of every lead.

Establishing your business to stand out in the overwhelming digital space is a challenge that we are specialists at achieving.

We do more than just paint a rosy picture of being noticed in your target area and to your target audience – We build you to make you work!

Ready to jump-start your online presence?

Sending adverts that work for a great business is merely the first step of the process. Increasing the organic traffic to the website is a whole new ball game. Time and expertise spent on careful analysis of SEO can drive great results.

“Show Me The Money!”

Optimizing for search engines requires dedication, time and careful testing at a steady rate. While this happens, we pull up our sleeves and start working toward pushing the leads down the sales funnel.

Search engine optimization, advertising on Google, traffic generation, etc., become pointless if the money in the kitty doesn’t grow. For Mario’s Italian Restaurant, we could generate over 5X the leads than before signing up with us.

How, you ask? Our biggest successes come from not concentrating on one area of online marketing but working in tandem with all the pieces to fit into the perfect puzzle in record time. As a result, Mario’s Italian Restaurant not just got a sparkling new website, but cashed out on all the perks of having a great online presence.

Oh and did we tell you about our fancy platform? That’s right, Mario’s Italian Restaurant have all their future marketing initiatives with our crown jewel – An amazing CRM platform. With Ozlon, its not about the here and now, our clients are handed with all the resources to keep customers engaged well after they have left the premises.

Other Nuggets Of Gold We Planted

The value addition you receive from SEO work is what rings all the bells. For Mario’s Italian Restaurant, we pulled up every marketing piece that has the potential to keep driving results and started chipping away at it.

“There are some pieces of marketing that are unclaimed gold nuggets, but they need to be used the right away. – Guess what? We’re experts at realizing their value” – Team Ozlon

Search engines get smarter by the minute, and a good SEO company would pick up the trend. Lucky for you, Team Ozlon are experts in using it to our client’s advantage.

One of the latest features on Google is to highlight YouTube videos for people searching for something specific, especially with a long tail keyword or phrase. We worked on a YouTube video to bring it to the front page of Google to knock hard at traffic and sales.

Boom! Boom! Boom! – Exploding Sales Alert

There has been no stopping to the rate of traffic coming to Mario’s Italian Restaurant since we started with them. With their brand new spanking website and innovative ways to target customers using our CRM, this client joins the Ozlon Hall of Fame clients.

5 Months – That’s all it took for Mario’s Italian Restaurant to see large results.

Handpicking their USP helped us highlight the right pieces to the incoming traffic at the right time. We made Mario’s Italian Restaurant pop-up on desktops and mobile devices, and other portable devices. We pushed the USP’s based on the behaviour of traffic on various devices for optimum results too.

Patience is The Key – Google says it

Every single client that we have worked with has always expected results the next day. How was Mario’s Italian Restaurant any different? They worked with statistics and hard facts. When even Google says that it takes a minimum of 70 days to see a jump in link position, they had no choice but to wait. We work with realistic expectations, so it’s a win-win for all when it happens sooner. Save your money from anyone who promises to do it in lesser time.


Every business has growth potential. So why is it so hard? While the passion, talent and service offering is present, the right marketing company to drive the leads down the funnel is what it takes. The Ozlon Team can pick up your business and ensure every lead takes care of you and your business. Mario’s Italian Restaurant had no time to work on the right marketing strategy, and that’s where we stepped in to do the think-work.

Our motto is simple,” You concentrate on your business, we’ll bring the customers to you”.

Imagine enjoying over 15X your revenue. Not because you changed your business, but because we brought people to know you exist and show them your best.

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